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Media Frenzy Continues –

Another Day, More Deaths: Another Day, More Deaths: Man Accidentally Kills Himself Demonstrating Gun’s Safety… 3 Gunned Down In Grand Rapids… 2 Police Officers Shot And Killed In Kansas… 3-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself, Dies… Man Shoots Wife… One Person Shot In San Antonio, Gunman Later Shot By Cops… Woman Shot At Campground… Woman Shot To […]

Detached –


The Washington Post: SAN DIEGO — The man who planned to be president wakes up each morning now without a plan. Mitt Romney looks out the windows of his beach house here in La Jolla, a moneyed and pristine enclave of San Diego, at noisy construction workers fixing up his next-door neighbor’s home, sending regular […]

Coroner: Cockroach Eater Choked on Insects! –


Edward Archbold, the West Palm Beach man who died in October after a cockroach-eating contest, was asphyxiated when roach parts lodged into his lungs, the Broward County Medical Examiner has determined. Archbold, a canvas maker, participated in a contest at the well-known Ben Siegel Reptiles store in Deerfield Beach. The grand prized with a pricey […]